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Ziba & Co is a high-end jewellery brand that is modernising the way you purchase diamond engagement rings in Sydney, certified diamonds, precious gemstones and fine jewellery. With more than 6 decades of hands-on experience in the luxury jewellery and precious stone industry, Ziba & Co have Australia's finest selection of women's diamond engagement rings, men's and women's wedding bands at affordable luxury prices. Each of our unique designs has been expertly crafted using only the finest quality diamonds and engagement rings, precious gemstones and exclusive metals.
Ziba & Co was inspired by a vision to combine an attractive online shopping experience along with the very best selection of custom made diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, the most brilliant certified diamonds and timeless jewellery pieces with Australia's most trusted network of exceptionally and skilled jewellers.
At Ziba & Co, we are able to fully personalise and customise your ideal diamond engagement rings in Sydney. The expert jewellery designers, jewellers and diamond consultants work together with our clients to custom design diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other classic jewellery pieces to reflect their personal style and taste.
Diamond jewellery is more than a piece of jewellery, it is an expression of your personality and is used to mark milestones in your life. At Ziba & Co we work tirelessly to create timeless and exquisite jewellery pieces that have been created with outstanding craftsmanship and have been combined with classic designs and elegant, modern touches.
With generations of fine jewellery and diamond experts, Ziba & Co are a team of the most skilled diamond and jewellery consultants that are passionate about educating and guiding clients to make the right decision on their jewellery investment. Selecting that perfect diamond with a signature Ziba & Co diamond that achieves unmatched brilliance and beauty ensures that your piece will be worn loved, and passed down for generations to come.
Founded in the very heart of Sydney, Ziba & Co reflects the true beauty and luxury of the hustle and bustle of the city. Beautiful, timeless and vibrant, you can find our showroom in the centre of one of the most inspiring cities in Australia.
Our wonderful collection of stunning, custom made diamond engagement rings, certified diamonds, wedding bands and fine jewellery are available in our Sydney Location via appointment, at the most competitive prices. With the boundless selections of unique fine jewellery pieces, expert advice and guidance and the most competitive prices on diamonds and diamond engagement rings, Ziba & Co is devoted to making diamonds and fine jewellery an affordable luxury.
At Ziba & Co, our diamonds cannot be beaten in Brilliance and Fire. The high quality diamonds from Ziba & Co have all been certified by some of the world's most trusted independent grading labs to give you peace of mind when choosing your timeless jewellery pieces.
Diamonds are some of the world's most precious treasures that have delighted for generations. The Ziba & Co diamonds have been chosen to only showcase the brilliance of the diamond, its luminosity and its captivating depth. With our expertise and skill in the diamond field, we individually hand select each of our diamonds to only offer you the very best.
The secret to our expert selection of some of the world's most precious diamonds is the fire, life and brilliance of diamonds - the most genuine and established evaluation of a diamond's
natural beauty and light performance. You need to see the difference with Ziba & Co diamonds to believe!
By allowing for the diamonds natural beauty, fire and brilliance to shine, we bring an elegant simplicity and breathtaking beauty to each of our timeless jewellery designs. Our eye for selecting the most flawless diamonds combined with our expert skill is the Ziba & Co difference.