About Ziba & Co

Ziba & Co: Beautiful, high-end custom Jewellery in the heart of Sydney

Welcome to Ziba & Co, a name in which has become synonymous with beautiful engagement rings, men’s wedding rings, precious stones and diamonds, and fine, custom-made jewellery. Sure, there are other jewellers out there, pitching such a standard marketing strategy or claiming their catalogue of exquisite jewellery is the proverbial frontrunner, but where Ziba & Co pull away from the pack and draw the line of distinction, is when it comes to our wholesale prices, our fully-customised rings and stones, and with more than 60 years of unrivalled, hands-on experience in both the fine jewellery and precious stone industry.

How do we provide such beautiful, conflict-free diamonds and precious metals at unmatched prices? Well, Ziba & Co was inspired by a vision, a clear and powerful strategy, to incorporate a pleasing and user-friendly online shopping experience, the finest custom-made jewellery currently on the market, but with an average price range for the everyday person. Ziba & Co was formed on such an idea, and it has only seen us go from strength to strength, allowing us to engage with so many happy customers, all across the world, and especially in Sydney. Founded in the thriving heart of one of the biggest cities in Australia, in fact, our diamonds are not only popular and highly sought after, they are also certified with some of Australia’s’ most trusted network of reputable and skilled jewellers happily on board.

Customising your engagement ring has never been easier

Like we’ve mentioned, Ziba & Co offer a wide range of some of the finest diamond engagement rings, men’s rings, wedding rings, and high-end jewellery currently available. However, and considering how personal an engagement ring actually is, and how it should reflect not only the promises of forever, but also your partner’s personality and aesthetic style, you should be able to customise your engagement ring to suit your specific. That’s why our online selectors are so popular, and often the first point of call for customers looking for that individual look. With a simple, user-friendly interface that walks you through every exciting step, a clear and functional list of options and styles, and a sense of having a ‘hands on’ approach, you’ll be sure to create the perfect diamond engagement ring that your partner will love. If you’re unsure about the size or the eventual fit, then Ziba & Co also provides an easy-to-follow ring size guide to ensure your engagement ring will be the perfect fit.

Looking for just diamonds? We have you covered

Sure, the excitement of an engagement ring is often at the top of the list when the discussion revolves around diamonds, but there’s a lot more to diamonds than just the striking, down-on-bended knee moment. While many envision a glistening rock that symbolises a lifetime of love and commitment, Ziba & Co take pride in the fact that we are diverse and offer a wide range of jewellery and diamond related options, and that’s why we have set up a searchable diamond database, right here in our online store. Feel free to browse through Ziba and Co’s huge catalogue of diamond variations, ranging in carat, clarity, colour, and shape, in order to find the perfect stone. With our hassle-free interface and efficient online process of selection and eventual purchasing stage, you will find exactly what it is you’re after when it comes to our beautiful diamonds.

Ziba & Co: More than just a jewellery store

Ziba & Co are proudly one of Sydney’s most popular names when it comes to some of Australia's finest selection of women's diamond engagement rings, men's and women's wedding bands, and a name where you can confidently buy diamonds are prices that need to be seen to be believed. Yes, we know, that is a tad clichéd, but our stunning jewellery really does come with wholesale price tags. Again, that’s what makes us different. Unique. A true front runner when it comes to beautiful, expertly crafted diamond jewellery, and at a fraction of the expected cost. Throw in slick, easy-to-use online selectors and customizable features, and you have one of the most prominent names in the jewellery business today. Our expert designers, master jewellers, and knowledgeable diamond consultants will work with you (both online and in-store) to create either a stunning diamond engagement ring, a beautiful wedding band, or any other type of classic jewellery that reflects just who it is, you are.

If you are in Sydney and want to visit our store on George Street, then make sure you fill out a private appointment form to get the ball rolling. For all other online enquiries, no matter how big or small, send us an email at