Argyle Pink Diamonds

Love Diamonds? Love Pink.

Argyle Color Grading Scale

The Argyle pink diamond is one of the rarest, and most precious of Earth's natural resources, and becoming rarer day-by-day, as yield from the mine gradually diminishes. In our world of gems and jewels, of luxury and exclusivity, the Argyle pink diamond is the ultimate, authentic limited edition. Limited by nature.

Created billions of years ago, deep in the Earth's core, by the near-incomprehensible randomness of natural phenomena, immense heat and pressure, that came together to form extraordinary crystals, making the pink diamond a fabulous fluke of nature.

Pink diamonds can have purplish, rose, champagne or blue shades, with red at the top of the heap.

The more saturated or the more intense they are, the more valuable they can be.

Fancy Vivid Pinkish Purple