Care For Your Diamond

Caring For Your Diamond

Diamonds and precious stones are very strong and durable, though they are not indestructible. They can break or chip if they are not looked after inadequately.

There are caring instructions to help keep your jewellery and diamonds have that continuous radiance and shine

Storing Your Jewellery

Never stock diamond Jewellery together. Keep it well-organised and free from other items to avoid scratching the items.

Refrain from leaving jewellery boxes or cases near extensive heat or moisture.

Distribute jewellery in a pouch or a soft-lined box with compartments.

Purchase a jewellery travel case for travelling.

Caring For Your Diamond

Don't wear jewellery/diamonds when performing rigorous work or sporting activities that could possibly cause damage to them.

Don't allow diamonds or coloured stones to come in contact with hard surfaces

Acquiring professionals to clean jewellery once every six to seven months.

Professionally g obtaining regular checkups for jewellery to secure setting.

Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products such as, bleach.

Remove jewellery when showering or bathing this is particularly important when in salt water and chlorinated water.