Conflict-Free Diamonds

A conflict diamond is any diamond that originates from a war-affected country, where the profits from this industry go to fund arms trade or military organizations. During these wars, armed forces clash for the command of the diamond mines due to their immense profitability. As it happens everywhere, the war does not remain restricted to these forces, and civilians are often killed during such campaigns.

Conflict-free diamonds are free from all types of violence and human rights abuses. Moreover, conflict-free diamonds are mined in an environmentally-responsible fashion. They must be independently tracked from their country and individual mine of origin.

Ziba &Co is a staunch believer that a perfectly crafted engagement ring should play a vital part in the story of the people who give and receive it. It's just one of the reasons why we hold true to our values of awareness and we pay attention about the story of every diamond used in every piece we make, and it's why each is 100 percent conflict-free.