In an effort to provide you with the most satisfactory online shopping experience, we have put together our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find here the answer to your question please contact us.

Yes. Ziba &Co delivers a 100% secure shopping experience. We will never pass, transfer nor sell any of your information to any third party companies. Also for your security and peace of mind we do not keep any record of your credit card details and security information. Secure Socket Layering (SSL) technology is used to encrypt your credit or debit card information, including the account number, while it is transmitted over the Internet from your computer. SSL is an industry standard technology for secure online transactions. Furthermore, we are eWAY certified. eWAY is externally audited by Stratsec (Certfied QSA) every year, who have verified eWAY as tier-one PCI DSS compliant. They adhere to the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard. They secure and protect customer and credit card data with military-grade software and servers. Furthermore, our site is audited daily by McAfee to eliminate vulnerabilities. Data is encrypted with Thales devices to offer the highest level of protection available.

Ziba &Co are available at 1800 449 642 Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM AEST. Live chat is available during business hours as well.

Corporate Headquarter is located at:
Suite 12, Level 4, Dymocks Bldg.428 George St,
Sydney, NSW 2000,

All of our diamonds, as you can see from our inventory list, are graded by reputable and recognized laboratories (GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, HRD, IGL). Once you have received your diamond with its original certificate you can inspect the diamond against the original grading report.

Ziba and Co adhere to an honest and real pricing system and does not offer false discounts or negotiation on our diamond prices. We deal ethically and are confident that we offer the lowest price for superior quality diamonds without hidden extras.

The founder of Ziba and Co is a 7th generation jeweller, which has been involved in the diamond business at source level for over a decade. We have formed supply chain partnerships with diamond cutters and one of the world’s largest jewellery manufacturers and exporters. As a result, Ziba &Co obtains its diamonds and diamond jewellery at primary source prices, and is able to pass on these savings by supplying directly to the end consumer.

As we sell online, we incur lower overheads than a retail chain so it means we can offer more competitive pricing.

Ziba &Co adheres to an honest and real pricing system and does not offer false discounts or negotiation on our diamond prices. We deal ethically and are confident that we offer the lowest prices for superior quality diamonds without hidden extras.

Yes. You can pick-up your diamonds /jewellery from our Sydney office during business hour;

Most of the diamonds that are shown in our website are available for purchase. To complete our in house inventory we outsource diamonds as well, they are also for sale in the trade market.

We offer a 30-day return policy, the details can be found on our Terms of Use page.

Ziba &Co does not charge shipping and handling on orders over $100.00.

We use insured couriers service (FEDEX, Australia Post) within Australia and overseas.

It is very important to note that a signature will be required in order for parcels from Ziba &Co to be delivered. We will email you the Fed-Ex or Australia Post tracking number of your parcel once it has been dispatched. Please make sure that you or someone you trust is available to sign for the package upon delivery.

More than half of the loose diamonds in or diamond searches are laser inscribed. If a diamond is laser inscribed it will be noted on the diamond report/ certificate as a comment or a note.

We can organise Saturday delivery within Australia for an extra $110 inc GST, or Same Day delivery for an extra $275 inc GST.

All diamonds from our online diamond search come accompanied with a certificate, a gemmologist's evaluation of the stone's characteristics from universally trusted gemmology labs (GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, HRD).

Ziba &Co only sells loose diamonds that are certified by the trusted gemmology labs around the world. In addition, we select only the highest quality diamonds for use in our fine jewellery. The quality of the diamonds used in a particular piece of jewellery is clearly marked on that item's product details page.

A diamond that is laser inscribed has a set of numbers or letters on its girdle allowing it to be positively identified in case of theft or after cleaning or repair, which can only be seen under magnification.

An Ideal Cut stone is a diamond that has been cut to produce the greatest brilliance and fire. A diamond can be polished within a range of measurements that yield an Ideal Cut.

More than half of the loose diamonds in our diamond search are laser inscribed. If a diamond is laser inscribed it will be noted on the diamond report/certificate as a comment or a note.

Ziba &Co does not sell any loose diamonds or diamond jewellery that have been treated or enhanced in any way. Every diamond offered in our site is 100% natural.

Every engagement ring and diamond jewellery item is accompanied with an Appraisal evaluated by an experienced Master Gemmologist. Each appraisal contains a detailed description and the replacement value of the item. We can even fax an appraisal to your insurance company on your behalf so that your purchase will be insured at the time you receive your item.

Yes, our Customer Service Representatives are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm AEST to take your order over the phone.

You may cancel an order by contacting Ziba &Co at 1800 449 642. Please have your order number available when calling. Please note, our team works hard to send orders out quickly. Once an order is sent, you can no longer cancel the order. Instead, you must wait for the package to arrive and then send the item back through our return process.

Yes, we can ship to an international address. Please contact a Ziba &Co representative at +1800 449 642 for further details.

Yes. If your certified diamond is not inscribed, Ziba &Co can arrange to have the certificate number as well as a personal message inscribed for you. Please call a Ziba &Co representative at +1800 449 642, to process your request.

The likelihood for a diamond to chip is extremely small if there are no unusual circumstances.

Major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa (1.5% surcharge); Direct Bank Transfer.

By definition diamonds with clarities of I.F , VVS1, VVS2, VS1 , VS2 , SI1 , SI2 , are eye clean (= clean to the naked eye,clean to an unaided eye looking from top down from 25 cm distance) SI3 is the border line and in some cases SI2 as well. For that reason we also checked each SI2 diamond in our inventory and marked our opinion regarding the visibility of the SI2.

Diamond Pricing Factors

Diamonds value is related to their Color, Clarity Cut and Carat weight-these are the famous diamonds 4C's.The highest color in the diamonds color scale is'?(colorless)and going down to more yellow shades ending at '? color.

Laser drill hole is a microscopic hole we make with a laser beam to reach an inner black carbon inclusion so it can be removed by boiling the diamond with a very strong acid. It is a common procedure and cannot be detected by the naked eye and sometimes even with a magnifying glass. This is an irreversible process.

Fluorescence as a term means that a diamond will glow (in blue) under a UV lamp. It was used originally in diamond certifications as additional information for identification.

The impact of blue fluorescence on price depends on its noticeability. For some higher color stones, fluorescence gives the stone a milky white appearance, which greatly lowers value. In some instances, the fluorescence is hardly noticeable and has minimal impact on the stone’s brilliance and value. Fluorescence often adds value to lower color stones as it gives the stones a whiter, brighter appearance. Some buyers regularly pay better prices for highly fluorescent “I” color and lower stones. Yellow fluorescence may require an additional 5 to 10 percent discount. Generally, the higher the quality and price per carat the stronger fluorescence lowers value.

For your information, we do not have any diamonds in stock that are milky or cloudy.

Price adjustments required for blue fluorescenced diamonds:

For “D” to “H” colors:

Very Strong(=very distinct),I.F to VS2: -8% to -12%, SI1 to I3 : -3% to 0%

Strong(=Distinct)I.F to VS2: -5% to – 7%,SI1 to I3: -1% to 0%

Medium(=Moderate)I.F to VS2: -2% to – 4%,SI1 to I3: 0%

Slight to Faint:0%

For “I” to “N” colors:

Strong and Very Strong 0% to +4% !!!

Medium ——————–0% to +3% !!!

No, we are now currently an online leading business that is available to everyone. We are looking forward to expanding our online business to a future retail store/showroom.

Yes! We have several qualified Diamond Graders and Gemologists in our Ziba and Co team who can provide assistance in grading any diamond or gemstone. This is an integral part of our customer service team.

Facebook: Instagram: @ziba_and_co Twitter: @ZibaAndCo You can find information on products, competitions, sales, events and news on our social media channels.

Yes! These will be running periodically and will be advertised across our social media platforms.

It is extremely safe to purchase your diamonds and jewellery online. Ziba and Co is a respected and trusted diamond merchant. We will never pass, transfer nor sell any of your information to any third party companies.

Ziba and Co are available at 1800 449 642 Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST. Live chat is available during business hours.

You will have the original diamond certificate available for you to examine and compare with on the information provided on our website. We have gemologists that examine each diamond that is at our facility, to ensure that each diamond is genuine and held to the highest standards.